Swiss Sugar

Reisen (Transport)

'Reisen' (Transport) illustrates methods of importing sugar. No need to import when you produce some of the best in the world.

Ange spent four days dipping her finger in sugar to create this campaign for Schweizer Zucker (Swiss Sugar) through NeueLGK, Zurich. They were such fun to produce and although may look very simple, they required heaps of planning. We even went to the lengths of erecting a marquee within the studio to make it easier to heat, reducing any chance of the sugar clumping together from moisture in the air. It was without a doubt the coziest shoot we've been involved in.

Making Of photos can be viewed here



Agency Credits
Client: Schweizer Zucker
Agency: NeueLGK
Art Director: Reto Schild
Copy Writer: Andreas Szentkuti
Creative Team: Andre Benker & Hans Tanner

Production Company Credits
Animation Director: Angela Palethorpe
Producer(s): Glenn Holberton
Assistant Producer: Emma Burch
Director of Photography: Peter James
Lighting Cameraman: Beth MacDonald
Gaffer: John Whickman
Co-Production Company: Solid & Haller Films
Co-Production Company - Producer: Rudi Haller